Online casino


Slot machine is the most prevalent betting device used in land-based and online casinos due to its high winning probability that lures a lot of players which directly increases the total revenue of the game operators. Since it is an independent game that is not influenced by past outcomes and is governed by randomness, the winning probability is solely based on chances and not much on the betting skills of the players. The most efficient way for a bettor to increase its return in slot machines is to know its basics and gaming mechanisms.

Slot’s Glossary

            Before waging any amount of money, a player must know the following key terms of the game, especially the novices. This is to give the player a proper foundation prior to gaining solid experiences.

  • Bonus Round – a special gaming mode, which is activated through an alignment of specific combination of symbols, that provides free spins or mini games leading to extra coins.
  • Cold – slot machines with low payout rate.
  • Flat Top – slot machines that pays a fixed jackpot amount.
  • Free Spin – a gaming feature which gives real money through a free spin without a wager in which its payout is based on the previous betted money or number of paylines.
  • Hit – a winning payline combination after a spin.
  • Hot – slot machines with high payout rate.
  • Payline – refers to the various alignment of combinations of symbols that corresponds to certain prizes.
  • Progressive Jackpot – an amount of winnings, which was previously unwon, that grows larger over the time.
  • Progressive Slot – a network of slot machines that pool the unwon jackpot prize to a higher amount.
  • Random Number Generator (RNG) – a mathematical algorithm specially employed in online betting games to ensure unbiased outcome and players’ gaming equality.
  • Reels – the rotating element of a slot machine that displays combinations of symbols which depict winning bet.
  • Scatter Symbol – a special payout symbol, which act as multipliers of player’s bet, depending on its degree of appearance on the screen.
  • Staggered payout – refers to amount of money given to players who have bet more.
  • Steam – the rapid movement of lines.
  • Symbols – any imagery in a form of numbers, letters, or pictures that are set to determine winning combinations.
  • Wild Symbol – a replaceable symbol, which is a payout multiplier, used to ensure a winning combination once it appeared on the screens. Sometimes it still pays out even if not in the payline.

Paylines & Pay Table

            Slot machines follow an all-ways-win system wherein each player has a high earning probability from different symbol combinations aligned in the paylines that are being waged. The figurative counterpart of payline is a paytable that  shows all the possible winning combinations with its corresponding prizes and values for each displayed symbol which serves as a guide to the bettors. The slot grid usually appears in 3 rows by 5 reels in which the alignment flow of paylines can be fixed or adjusted depending on the game host. There are at least 243 (3x3x3x3x3) probable ways to win in a 3-reel slot machine just like in Jili slot.